“Rmxs By Luciano, F. Cinelli, Aeroplane”

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Hello good people, To be totally honest with you, we at Cassius Records didn’t intend to come back with another “gold” revamp of one of our classic Cassius tracks. We intended to give you the fantastic new music of TORB. TORB ARE DOING TECHNO. TORB don’t care about becoming famous. TORB don’t want to be photographed. TORB don’t care about superstar djing, mini-stars or star-whatever. TORB are making Analog Modular Synthesizers and doing their music with these machines. TORB reminds me of the day I went to see UR play in Paris in 1993. They were sporting bomber jackets with “music for people who know” written on them, nobody was smiling like a lobotomized idiot or raising hands in the air like a moron in the booth at every peak time. People were getting serious behind the decks giving killer music and people were serious on the floor giving each other killer dance moves. The vibe was fantastic and all but artificial. TORB is making that kind of music. TORB will be out on Cassius Records at fall. We’ll come back to you soon about it. Now let’s speak a bit about this new Cassius Gold. To be fair, let’s say that this output is guided by generosity and total freedom. Last year we received a private stock remix from Dutch super dj and producer Fedde Le Grand. We kept it as a gift from him to us. Then recently, Arthur from Cassius Records came back from a Ricardo Villalobos gig telling us that there was a remix of “the sound of violence” that he plays a lot. After a bit of inquiring we found out it was another private stock mix, this time done by an Argentinian producer named Franco Cinelli. From these elements and knowing we always wanted to do our own dub version of this forever favorite Cassius track, we decided to ask another couple of great producers for their remix and put it out as a summer goodie for all the good people on earth. The very first one we asked was Luciano, one of our favorite dj`s in the world and one of my favorite producers… Also a great re-mixe

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