“Mars Premier”

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TORB is Fabien & Julien Torb. Two French guys from the already mytical Motorbass Recording Studio of Paris. Julien is a new engineer, my faithfull and beloved assistant. Fabien is building modular synths and repairing our lovely Pultecs and EMT’s in the attic. The day Fabien finished the TT1 (Torb Technologie number one) their love of Francesco Farfa and their pure techno ethic collided into some magical music. We at Cassius Records are so proud to put their beautiful sound out.In those days of maximal and minimal war, in those days where real House music seems to attract people again on the floor their Techno is a bless and a bliss. Reminding me of my rave age, when the all of Paris was going to Mozinor to dance to Francesco Farfa, Armando, Yayo or the UR guys until the break of dawn, i couldn’t resist to ask them to grant us with a splendid EP : MARS PREMIER. I have nothing really to say more than that, and those who know me will understand that this thing is serious. Peace and happiness Zdar

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