“One Wheel”

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Brandon Johnson, the artist known as Tridact, has been putting together his mix of analog electronics and beats for some time. Growing up in and around Santa Barbara, California, he has recently traded the beaches and foothills of Southern California to move to the forests and mountains of Southern Oregon. After participating in various bands and other musical projects in Santa Barbara, he bought a simple setup consisting of a midi sequencer, a sampler and a couple of vintage synthesizers and began creating his own electronic music. Over time he built up a small studio and added some live instrumentation into the mix. In the late 2000s, he began posting some of his tracks online, eventually leading to his first release, “Light Minute,” on the Synchronicity Suite compilation on Moodgadget Records, alongside artists such as Wisp and Mux Mool. The track was later re-released on Ghostly International’s Nocturnal Suite compilation. On Tridact’s debut album on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label, he creates an eclectic blend of densely layered, melodic, song-oriented instrumental tracks which combine analog synthesizers, guitars and programmed beats. The album draws from influences ranging from ’60s pop to disco, house, techno and breakbeat to make a sound that reflects a distinctly Pacific Coast experience.

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