Sam Paganini

“Cobra Ep”

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Out 3rd of oct Since 1993, Sam Paganini has released a refined brand of deep techno that’s won him support from the likes of Marco Carola, Timo Maas and Paco Osuna. Furthermore, his progressive techno offerings like ‘Zoe’ or harder efforts like ‘Strobe’ have also become chart topping fan favourites. As such, 2011 sees Plus 8 come calling for the revered Italian’s sounds. Titular track ‘Cobra’ is firm but not without groove. Whilst whole eco-systems of background FX, percussive slithers and wave-breaking synths add depth, a hurried techno beat drives things forward and builds in pressure. It finally breaks, melting to nothing but the kicking bottom end once more: it’s techno perfection.’ ‘Last Call’ proceeds at more of a canter, rising up and down as it rolls forwards. What sound like gale force winds howl in the background, darting in and out of the percussion, shifting your focus from here to there. It’s brooding but balanced and plays out like a nightmare walk through a chilly, eerie forest in the dead of night. ‘Phantom’ confirms Paganini to be a man of economical yet efficient means - on the face of it another stripped down and pulsating cut, listen closer to the seven-minute workout and there’s more abstract narratives hidden within the devilish background details. So, too, does this cut allow in more light than the rest when, late on, subtle rising chords inject some read hot warmth and a feel good undertones.

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