“Floors Ep”

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Trio Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker as Wareika fall graciously into Circus Company’s reputation for forward thinking artists and musical innovator’s. A sound and feel all of their own; Wareika’s orchestral, experimental and fiercely beautiful sound is one Circus Company proudly announce for their 61st release. The ‘Floors’ EP begins its ascent with “1st Floor". Complex and unique in their take on electronica, the trio’s undercurrent of jazz infused percussion plays the ideal host for soulfully sung vocals and a constantly morphing soundscape below. As glorious xylophone’s hum against bubbling pockets and raw hand claps, organic vocals glide whilst effected pockets pierce. Evolving extravagantly through poignant guitar solos and tip-tapping hats, “Floor 1’s” musicality is perfectly chaotic as it pitter-patters to its own forgiving beat in a captivating, refreshing air. Next level “2nd Floor” is equally mesmerizing with its eight minutes of building roll and infectious groove. Sharp, funky and intelligent, Wareika once again use their powerful vocals to infuse “2nd Floor

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