Julian Jeweil

“Hermanos Ep”

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Frenchman Julian Jeweil’s second EP on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label is sure to confirm Jeweil’s status as one of techno’s most reliable talents. The four track EP encompasses everything Jeweil has honed in his ten year plus career – tough sounds, high energy and a fusion of electro and minimal that hypnotises as much as moves you. Thus far it has come on labels like Cocoon and Skryptöm Records, whilst at the same time Jeweil (real name Julien Bérard) has been busy playing underground parties all across his homeland. ‘Hermanos’ is a thunderous affair where tight, bobbling basslines quickly unravel to expose a housier percussive line and kick drum in their midst. When searching synths begin to circle and a filtered vocal snatch and chilling FX play off each other, it’s anyone’s guess as to where the track will go next. Rather than exploding, it boils over then simmers repeatedly, with tension and motion coming from a number of apocalyptic samples, horns and bells. ‘Tabasco’ is even more tightly wound, with micro clicks and blips bubbling around an undulate beat structure that hits hard and deep once full in its stride. If that sounds good, things rally excel when frantic xylophone styled notes play busy, paranoid melodies that simply scream – ‘freak out!’ The third of four offerings, ‘Circus’ is another streamlined, urgent, minimalistic affair that establishes a groove early on before peppering it with the sort of abstract, alien sounds you’d expect. It’s bold and forceful but reserved and subtle at the same time, and it’s the balance between the two, which really enthrals. ‘Juice’ goes deeper and moans and groans in the darkened nether regions of minimal techno’s underbelly. A looping bass line falls deep below the twitchy synth stabs above. A micro-funk comes from the hooky percussive hits and the whole thing moves from a to b with a sleek, economic but efficient precision that confirms Julian Jeweil is well deserving of his place amongst the Plus 8 glitterati.

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