Sable Sheep

“Painting My Fur”

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It’s time for a new debut on Be As One, this time from a new young talent hailing from Germany, Sable Sheep, recently signed on the imprint, that closes a successful year for the label. Sable Sheep delivers 3 tracks of high quality modern techno house, be it the infectious title track, ‘Painting My Fur’ of the A side, who aims to be the new year anthem, the drum madness of ‘Crayon’ or the bouncing groove of ‘Muffin’, this EP is likely to be the best recent releases from the label, taking modern grooves and mixing them into the classic and unique sounds we usually get from Be As One. Tracklisting: A1: Painting My Fur B1: Crayon B2: Muffin

BAO033 in the media

DJ: “Joris Voorn – “Its got to be Crayon that wins it for me here. Very nice! Will play!” Luca Bacchetti - "Crayon is the big fav for me! Another great ep from Be As One! Gonna play it tomorrow." Marco Carola - "Painting My Fur is gonna get the plays from me. Very nice track. Thank you for sending.” Davide Squillace – “Painting My Fur is sounding really good to me. Will test it out. Thanx for sending.” Reboot – “Cool ep from Sable Sheep… I’m on Crayon I think, but will try all!” Ellen Allien – “All of these tracks sounds pretty cool to me… but Painting My Fur will def be played. Thanx!” Basti - (Tiefschwarz) - "Painting My Fur is sounding very good to me! Will give it a spin for sure." Ali - (Tiefschwarz) - "Another great package from the label. Painting My Fur gets my points." D'Julz - "Painting My Fur is the one for me here. Super strong track!! Thanks." Wally Lopez – “Really cool sound on this EP. Crayon is the standout for me. Will play it.” Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Excellent package again from Be As One. Painting Fur is wicked!” Maya Jane Coles – “Lovely… Painting Fur is the pick for me. BIG!!” Thomas Schumacher – “Painting Fur is the standout track for me. Definitely gonna play it this in my sets.” KiNK - "Painting My Fur is massive! Stripped down to the most important elements, a sick beat and a dirty synth! Good work!" Karotte - "Painting My Fur is the standout for me from this ep. Like it very much. Will support." Layo - "Liking the whole ep here, however Painting My Fur is the strongest for me and will get the support..." Toby Neumann – “Its remarkable how Be As One has got its own sound over the years, its own style and somehow also its own groove. I like it and will always support it as long as the releases stay groovy and well produced. Reliable work Mr. Aber, respect! This release is no exception. Painting My Fur rocks!!” Robert Dietz – “Oh man.. how many goodies in here? I’ll support them all!” Eats Everything – “Fuck me Painting My Fur is good. Really good. Will defo give that monkey a run out!” Danny Howells – “Crayon is wicked!! Looking forward to playing that at the weekend!” Sis – “Another cool ep from Be As One… Painting My Fur will get my support!” Barem – “Muffin sounds like its gonna be fun to play. Will try it this weekend!” Ian Pooley – “Nice beats on Painting My Fur…. Def playing that tomorrow… looking forward to it!” Tassilo - (Pan-Pot) - "Nice ep again on Be As One. I will play some of them, especially Painting My Fur." Paco Osuna - "Nice ep as always from Be As One, full support from me, Crayon is the pick. " Chaim - "Painting My Fur has some nice vibes. Will test it out this weekend." Terry Francis - (Fabric London) - "Like these a lot! Painting My Fur is the winner. Playing!" Martinez Brothers - "Painting My Fur is PURE dopeness! Big support from us!! " DJ Ralf - "One of the best Be As One of recent times. Crayon just pips it for me. Support!" Tripmastaz - "Painting my Fur is nasty-ish! Will be spinning this LOUD!" Gregor Tresher - "This is a great release with big grooves here! Will play a lot of these for sure. Well done Be As One!" Martin Eyerer – “Painting My Fur… WOW what a tune!! Love it!!” Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spaoin) - "Restless Reaching...Superclass! Full Support." Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Muffin and Restless Reaching my favs perfect for my gigs and for Ibiza Global Radio support from the Island." Paul Hamill - (Across The line - BBC Ulster) - "All sounding great, Painting My Fur!!" Colin Perkins - (Spin 1038 / Play FM Dublin) - "Loving Painting My Fur." Tsugi Magazine France - "Cool ep!!" - "Crayon is sounding good!" Diversions – (CHRY 105.5 Toronto) – “Loving the percussive groove of Crayon!” Agus Arbol - ( - "Solid EP! My favourites are Crayon & Painting My Fur." Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Superb tracks as usual from Be As One!!!" Sergio B - ( - "Genuine and dynamic! Good tracks of different house." ”

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