Luigi Madonna

“Sensation Ep”

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Italian-born Luigi Madonna made his name in his home town of Naples with early EPs released by Loose Records and Analytic Trail, catching the ear of many established techno stars before his original productions and remixes for the likes of Material and Drumcode began punctuating a succession of Plus 8 / Minus boss Richie Hawtin’s DJ sets in recent months. And so Hawtin has now called upon the producer to step up for his debut EP on the Plus 8 imprint, throughout which Madonna explores streamlined and stripped back grooves of the sort perfectly befitting the outlook of the label. The Sensation EP’s lead track received a high profile debut in October, making an appearance early on in Hawtin’s performance at the Boiler Room Minus special from ADE 2011 (which has thus far reached an online audience of over 100,000). The EP is marked with the stamp of the Neopolitan’s best work: ‘300′ is hypnotic from the off, with wavy grooves building through warm apocalyptic winds and the slinkiest of hi hat patterns. Some rasping synth textures squirm through the whole thing toward the end, whereas ‘Vibration works up and down as much as side-to-side. It’s derelict, dark and devilishly functional techno whilst next effort ‘Blaster’ is punchy loopy perfection and ‘Fuencarral’ hops it way through classic Plus 8 territory whilst exuding a broody mood all its own. ‘Sensation’ itself has more of an insistent snap in its tail. The kicks and percussion here are livelier than before, with spraying synth sounds and classic techno percussion exploding into a beautifully bouncy peak time concoction.

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