Peter Kruder

“Xenomorph, Vespertilio”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM26
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“Xenomorph / Vespertilio” follows up Peter Kruder’s “Law Of Return” track, that was a highlight, both in the music world in 2009 and in Macro’s ever brilliant catalogue - and one of the now most sought after recent vinyl collectors’ records. Xenomorph takes off where Law Of Return ended. 2012 couldn’t start deeper: detail rich, dreamy, pushing enthusiastically forward into the new year. Vespertilio then moves between the off-centre sound aesthetics of a Morricone soundtrack and the intensity of hypermodern subbass droppings. This is an irresistably deep double package, exceeding even the boldest expectations. A masterpiece. No more, no less.

MACROM26 in the media

giles smith: “This is not something i would play but really interesting music. ”

Benji (Permanent Vacation): “ Da hat er aber mal wieder einen rausgelassen der Herr Kruder.. ”

Benna (Harry Klein): “ Epic and psychedelic tracks. Looking forward to play them! ”

Bleep43: “There’s drama here.”

Dixon (Innervisions): “ Xenomorph is exactly my thing. ”

Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio1): “Playing 'Xenomorph' on World Wide Show.”

Groove: “Diese beiden Tracks für Macro sind herausragend. Stilistisch kaum einzuordnen, erinnern ihre schwebenden, flirrenden Sounds eher an experimentellen Rock einer Band wie Can denn an zeitgenössische Clubmusik. Es ist rätselhaft, wie Kruder sein Klangereignis inszeniert: Die geheimnisvollen und erhabenene Sounds tauchen auf völlig unerwartete und unvermittelte Weise auf”

Hardrock Striker (Skylax): “ A brillant record, sounds like a movie soundtrack. The best track is Vespertilio, full support & great work to the Macro team! ”

Jon Marsh (Beloved): “ Beautifully-executed deep textural house music, made by people who care about their craft, delivered by a label with a shared ethos. Love it. ”

KiNK (Rush Hour): “ My English is not good enough to describe what kind of feelings I got when I listen to those two tracks, but said with simple words - this record is AMAZING and I'm looking forward to get the vinyl, as it's worth having Xenomorph / Vespertilio on a nicely made hard copy. ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “ Love these trippy monsters. Will play a lot! ”

Max Duley (ARCart): “ I listened to this last night. Was really into the first track especially. Very nice, clean and shiny minimal sounds - deep and psychedelic. ”

MUSIKEXPRESS: “Top 5 chart - Der Sieger des inoffiziellen Wettbewerbs "Wer hat diesen Monat die beste Kurze gemacht?" entspringt der Wien-Berlin-Connection. Mit der 12inch "Xenomorph" / Vespertilio" kehrt Peter Kruder nach "Law Of Return" wieder zum Macro-Label zurück. "Xenomorph" auf der A-Seite kommt psychedelisch-verwunschen daher und kann als Verweigerung aktuell gefeierter Clubmusiken verstanden werden. Die Sounds erinnern an Laraajis Zitherklänge auf Brian Enos Album "Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance". "Verspertilio" auf der B-Seite lebt von einem dubbigen Hall und setzt auf Repetition und sanfte Phasenverschiebungen. Ganz großartig. ”

Nico de Ceglia (BBC Radio1): “I love it!! Max support from me. ”

Oliver Ho (Raudive): “ Wow, I love it. My favorite is Vespertilio. It’s amazing, really deep and psychedelic! Very original! ”

ORF FM4 (AT) On Air:: “Xenomorph.”

Patrick Pulsinger: “Excellent tracks in Kruder's immaculate production style! I love the dark vibe of "Vespertilio", modern and classic at the same time! ”

Paul Frick (Brandt Brauer Fric: “ Diese Platte ist FANTASTISCH!!!!!!!!! ”

Philip Marshall (Rebels in Con: “Fantastic!”

Radio Globo (IT): “On air at Beat Club with Andrea Torre - BBC Radio 1 single of the week: 'Xenomorph' presented by Nico de Ceglia. ”

Ripperton (Planet E): “ Really dig Xenomorph - the whole EP is a nice piece of music! The fresh air I needed… ”

Sebo K: “Sebo K That's superb! Will play. ”

Serge (Clone): “ Love this one! ”

Surgeon (Dynamic Tension): “Great music! I like Xenomorph most. ”

Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band, N: “ I like the psychedelic feel of Vespertillo. ”

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