Alberto Pascual

“Vertigo Ep”

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27 year old Spaniard Alberto Pascual is the latest techno talent to be welcomed into the Plus 8 fold with Vertigo, his debut EP for the label. A skilled DJ and live performer, Pascual has been producing since 2004, with over 30 releases to his name, all of which pursue a direct and powerful techno style. It’s much the same on Vertigo, the title track of this EP which hits loopy depths immediately. Dramatic FX, crunchy hats and tension mounting hisses fill out the spaces between the beats, but the militant, marching groove never wavers. ‘Truchas Rancias’ is more reserved: Economical arrangements characterise the techno eeriness this time, forever hinting something is just around the corner but never quite showing you. Final vinyl cut ‘Continuous Learning’ is more unhinged, with swirling synths, dripping water sounds and shadowy voice sounds all coming together like classic Plus 8 weaponry. The first of two digital only cuts, ‘Serious Injury’ is a warmer but equally pinpoint technoid affair. It builds slowly and with a tender touch, somewhat spaced out and perfect for the later hours, whereas ‘Component’ is at once a more hurried affair. It’s impatient, loopy and hypnotic, building to a various electro charged zeniths.

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