Simon Garcia

“Cavern Ep”

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Following his successful ‚Tears In Vain‘ 12‘‘ on Perspectiv, promising new producer Simon Garcia continues his quest for the holy-grail of modern house and techno as we set forth into ‚Cavern‘. And indeed ‚Cavern‘ is a breathtaking ride - a warm pulsating synth pattern is coaxed along by a dusty, filtered kick before we are greeted with rushing bright percussion and a thunderous lead kick. Wild FX open up the floor with the first ecstatic break and from there on the track runs with a mind of its own, exploding with rapturous drama and tasteful restraint. Bringing us back down to earth at least for a moment. ‚Bass II Bass‘ treads more swinging, groovy territories in a classic NY styled house track, updated for 2012. Freaky, pitching vocals swirl around a tight bass-led rhythm section, telling a futuristic story of hopeless hedonism. The emotive-piano house vibes of ‚Options‘ will likely raise a few tingling hairs for those well acquainted with Steve Bug‘s recent DJ sets. The perfect blinded-by-the-morning-sun moment, Mr. Garcia really shows of his classy production skills with this slinky, moody slice of classic house. Tracklist: A: Cavern B1: Bass II Bass B2: Options

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