Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela

“Never Die Ep”

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We love a bass monster, and between them Dani Casarano and Felipe Valenzuela have delivered a particularly fierce one in the shape of Never Die. Immense kicks bound and leap through a beautifully deep, rich bassline. Over the top, a whole jungle of exotic insectoid clicks and whirs compete for attention and a beautiful, catchy little synth lines keep things moving forward nicely. A pounding, and truly exhilarating, track. Between Hours dives deeper. The lively, unpredictable percussion is there, but the track really takes its inspiration from the likes of King Britt and Theo Parrish. A simple house piano riff and smooth vocal snatches flow through the mix, creating a smooth, emotional yet driving, techy tune. The Nekes remix of Never Die is a straight jacking blend of simple in-your-face percussion and powerful driving bass rhythm. It’s got an energy and a drive that sounds like it might have been hammered out in one furious seven-minute session. Complex breaks cut through now and then - echos of the original’s elaborate soundscape weaving in and out of Nekes’ powerful, metronomic take. Rounding things off on this EP is the reverb-soaked, shaker-fueled Levantate. Seemingly disparate percussive elements combine to create a coherent, driving rhythm. Motor City pads duck and weave through the mix, with all elements pulling together to give the track an extraordinary momentum and drive. Definitely in the groove Tracklist: A1. Never Die A2. Between Hours B1. Never Die (Nekes Remix) B2. Levantate featuring Jose Elias

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