“Suzbu Ep”

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SUPPORTED BY SVEN VÄTH. This time Cityfox takes it a creepy step deeper into Techno. Seph comes with his hands full of bass energy in the form of the Suzbu EP. 3 tracks, all of which will blow your speaker if you let em. “Genbu” doesn’t play around, straight to the deep bass kick and whirring, like a machine powering up after a long hibernation. Vocal lines make you mad as the melody repeats. High energy track is a great way to begin explaining this track. “Suzaku” picks it right up where “Genbu” left, vocal cuts, deep kick, and wide melodies. Thick and sharp, techno at one of it’s finest moments. Produced together with Pablo Denegri, we come to “Unti". A nitemareish world of machines and persussion leading you through the night, making your way to groovy baselines and cool melody. Tracklist: A Genbu B1 Suzaku B2 Unti feat. Pablo Denegri

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