“Burning Feeling”

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With Releases On Kompakt , Permanent Vacation, Eskimo and K7, Steve Moore aka Zombi, aka Gianni Rossi, aka Lovelock is since long no real unknown to the Scene. As is his sound. Lovelock is massively produced 80´s infected discoid power pop, excellent neon song writing of a very high calibre meets the search of ultimate groove, hook and song strructures. “A brilliant and ballsy high gloss album” (Groove Mag /De) and a serious comment on the current hype on 1980´s music as heard in soundtracks like “Drive” etc. About the Album: The needle drops, and a hyper-reality assembles itself suddenly before the mind’s eye. Polygonal structures accented with clean neon lines; computerized sequences firing with precision and synchronicity under a polished surface. These are the futurist vistas conjured by the music of multi-instrumentalist Steve Moore. He is the rare, balanced electronic pop composer whose work is at once visionary and hopelessly nostalgic for the music of his youth: late ’70s AM gold and that ubiquitous, synthesizer-driven pulse appropriated by everyone from New Romantics to prime-time TV theme songs throughout the 1980s. Though his analog cascades can approach prog-rock levels of complexity normally explored by his groundbreaking duo Zombi over the past decade, Moore’s affinity for smart pop melody and growing Italo-dancefloor sensibilities keep him out of any such stylistic ghetto. In fact, he has become a sought-after remix artist both under his own name and the Lovelock moniker in recent years, placing a club-ready stamp on tracks by Sally Shapiro ("Save Your Love,” Paper Bag Records, 2010), Camille ("Home is Where it Hurts,” Virgin/EMI, 2008), as well as recent singles by Washed Out and Brahms. Lovelock has also been tapped by artists far outside the dance-pop idiom: He’s converted tunes by the Melvins, Genghis Tron, and Voivod into raucous, glam rock stomps and driving, Miami Vice chase-scene soundtracks. His original work - under both aliases -

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