“Maybe Tonight - Morgan Geist Edits”

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As one half of the revered duo Zombi and with solo releases under is fake movie soundtrack composer alias Gianni Rossi ( permanent vacation ) or his real name ( Kompakt, L.I.E.S. ) STEVE MOORE has an extensive record of worshiping wholeheartly and toying around with his musical obsessions: glam and prog rock, early spacey synth pop and their manifestations in tv themes and b-movie soundtracks, mainly of the italian kind. Under his new guise LOVELOCK he plunges fearlessly and with verve into the pastel shining, glossy world of Italo Disco and Synth Pop and there couldnt be a niftier choice to remix the first 12″ of his upcoming album on Internasjonal than MORGAN GEIST who has been championing disco of the more synth-driven italian variety long before it became the fashionable thing to do again. from the anthemic intro with big piano chords forcefully laying out the main theme in a almost broadway musical style errupting into supercharged, nightprowler-like synth chords to the joyous guitar melody, the sweeping complex synth melodies and the oblivious, longing vocals this record refuses every millisecond to end on the pile of drawn by numbers, safe club-tools. it succesfully aims much higher, cunningly balancing along and avoiding the slope into kitsch along the way into the pantheon of glittering timeless pop music.

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