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Everything is a function of that that preceded it. We are the cuttings of our past and we are put back together only to cut, and be cut up again….and so the sequence will continue, for good and for bad, for better and for worse …. everything true is harmony …. everything true is a mistake …. we are but the harmony of our spheres …. surrounded by music … echoing the past as we hurtle towards the future. Cut Mistake Music was conceived somewhere between the day dream induced soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine’s loveless on the western seaboard of Ireland and the haze filled manic energy of New York City dance floors. Loosely associated with a collective of New York based musicians …. our aim is true and our message clear; we want to bring our landscapes to the ears of those who are willing to listen. This first release comes from the hearts & minds of the label founder ‘cnnr’ (Connor Whiriskey) and good friends ‘no regular play’ (Nicholas Debruyn & Greg Paulus). Future projects will come from our wider community of gift giving artists: producers, jingle writers, classically trained cellists and violists, theater sound designers and visual artists. All release artwork is commissioned specifically for the music it will contain. Lisa G Bauer, ( a Brooklyn based artist, provides the magic for cmm0001. A side: cnnr - candide A sonic tapestry inspired by and dedicated to Danielle Basquet-Long and the product of/outcome of a near fatal night … an unknown assailant … a bicycle … a skull … and mother earth …… …… in that order …… hit & run to double skull fracture head trauma, internal bleeding, air embolism, and some tightrope moments ……. the otherworldly music of Celer (internal soundtrack) helped hold some ethereal/ephemeral connection to this reality while alone in intensive care ….. post hospital bed finding out that Danielle, one half of the husband and wife duo Celer, had passed away suddenly at the

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