Alberto Pascual

“Last Train To Party”

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This time Plus 8 turn to Spanish talent Alberto Pascual for their next four track outing. He’s a busy man with over thirty releases to his name already (on Plus 8 as well as labels like Drumcode) and a unique techno style all his own. Already the title track, ‘Last Train To Party’, has become a firm favourite on dancefloors across the world. Groovy kick drums drive the thing along as whooshes of atmosphere blast past and squelchy synth notes act like the ticking of an actual train track as you power through a desolate landscape. Next up, ‘Acrobata’ is woozy and almost disorientating to start, as thin sounds circle behind a bare drum sound. It’s ominous and eerie before eventually getting into a groove and forcing you to dance. ‘1970′ explores more of a rolling house vibe. It’s warm and inviting despite the fact a snatched male voice sound is the only humanness in what sounds like a voyage to the edge of deep space. ‘A Nebula Intro’ is the final track and one that proves Pascual has plenty of range in his production toolbox. A little techier and more metallic than the other cuts, it’s a loopy and hypnotic affair that draws you in with a dropped-shoulder beat and echoing percussion. Stripped back but still detailed in all the right ways, Alberto Pascual’s techno is precision crafted for maximum dancefloor impact.

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