Stefan Goldmann

“Adem Ep”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM28
FormatEXCL12"COrders fromMon, 19 Mar 2012
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Stefan Goldmann’s “Adem” finally brings a new concept of handling melodies to the world of House and Techno. Pushy synths tuned to Arabian intervals, playfully pitch bent around one repeated note that sticks to the kick as if it’s life depends on it. It’s as if a parallel universe’s Acid has been invented in some lunatic asylum in Tirana. This primitive melody is as alienatingly synthetic as it is offensively brain-dissolving. In the hands of a DJ, “Adem” is like the Captagon formula in the hands of the Bulgarian secret service: many deaths, big bucks. Chalga, Tallava, Manele - call it anything. The B-side’s “Rigid Chain” is as detuned, yet strictly limited to a rogue off-beat bassline pumping in between metallic house drums. That’s it.

MACROM28 in the media

Benna (Harry Klein): “ Lustiger Track – Adem gefällt mir am besten! ”

Joris Voorn (Rejected): “ Wow, Rigid Chain is sublime!! 5/5 ”

NOICE! Radio (UK): “ The Dub of Rigid Chain is Superb. Love it! On the show. ”

ONLY FOR DJS Mag (F): “Adem & Rigid Chain are 2 great tracks. Love the original instrument used on Adem – hypnotic  ”

Radio Paris One (F: “) Kedem Ferre: Happy oriental feeling ”

Aera Aleph (Aleph Music): “Like this a lot – especially the Chalgapella will be in use a lot.”

Albert Koch (Musikexpress): “ Das wird natürlich besprochen.”

Alland Byallo (Kompakt): “Rigid Chain is quite fun!”

Andrès Ruiz ( Mart: “Andrès Ruiz ( Martian stuff!”

Andy Cato (Groove Armada) Good: “Andy Cato (Groove Armada) Good EP! ”

Angel Molina (Sónar: “ ) This is sick, and freaky. Love it, especially 'Rigid Chain'. Thanks! ”

Arnauld Le Texier (Sushitech): “Rigid Chain Dub Mix is cool! ”

Beaner (Bar25): “ Love Macro, love Stefan Goldmann. Keep up the good work Finn and Stefan!!! ”

BIGSHOT Mag (USA): “ Bouncy fun melody just in time for the festival season! Bring on the pitch bent melodic riffs! ”

Bill Brewster (DJ History): “Rigid Chain dub is excellent, got a real late 90s feel to it, sparse but still energetic enough and interesting to hold the attention. ”

Cio D’Or (Prologue): “ Die Musik ist sehr interessant, passt jedoch derzeit leider nicht in mein Set-Konzept!”

Claude VonStroke (Dirtybird): “Favourite track is Adem. ”

Daniel Steinberg (Harry Axt): “Adem ist ein bissel schräg. ”

DJ Morpheus (Radio Bruxelles): “ I dig the Adem track in particular, it’s fresh and original, will play it on my weekly radio show.”

Electric Indigo (Vienna): “Love Rigid Chain! Chalgapella is sweet too :) ”

EQ MAG (UK): “Typically Stefan. Typically Macro. Thanks! ”

Erik Rug (Paris): “ My fave is the Rigid Chain Dub Version. Will play this! ”

Erik Rug (Rex Paris): “ My fave is the Rigid Chain Dub Version. Will play this!”

Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static): “Rigid Chain ist großartig & wird gespielt! ”

Gavin Herlihy (Cadenza): “ Can't decide if Adem works for me or not but testing for closer inspection. Rigid Chain is great though - so instantly all over it! ”

GummiHz (Mobilee: “) Very nice work full of character. Outstanding. Thanx. 5/5 ”

Gunnar Stiller (Upon You) !: “Rigid Chain is for me! Thank you!”

Harri (Sub Club): “ Digging these!”

JD Twitch (Optimo): “ Simply brilliant! ”

Jimpster (Freerange): “ Stunning release from Stefan! Absolutely loving Rigid Chain which will be my pick for playing out but shall have some fun with the Chalgapella too. Thanks for the great music! ”

Joakim (Tigersushi): “Again FULL SUPPORT. I love those weird house tracks. Been playin’ “The Maze” to death. ”

Joe Muggs (The Wire): “ Awesome!”

Joro Boro (Mehanata NYC): “ Aaaaa, super strong - super minimal and maniacal at the same time! Give us more of this, it’s monstrous. ”

Karotte (Cocoon): “Favorite Track: Adem (Original Mix). Adem and Rigid Chain are great. Love it! ”

Kiki (BPitch Ctrl): “Kiki (BPitch Ctrl) Rigid Chain sounds good! ”

KiNK (Rush Hour): “) It’s hard for me to send feedback for most of the Macro releases, as I have to repeat myself, describing every release as special, innovative, often groundbreaking. I was waiting to put my hands on ADEM for a while as I was in Berlin when Stefan was working on it. The melody was in my head through all those months. Finally it’s out! As my more famous colleagues would say: "FULL SUPPORT!" Really amazing record.”

M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical): “ Thank you for good music! ”

Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom): “ Love Stefan's stuff and this doesn't disappoint, as whacky as can be!!! ”

Nuno Dos Santos (Trouw): “ Wow, this release is lovely! Both Adem & Rigid Chain are a bit crazy & hypnotic at the same time. Will play & support this!”

Oliver Ho (Wires): “I really like that! I love the synthy arabic melodies and the way they work with the basic beat. The acapella will be really useful too! ”

ORF FM4 Radio: “Das rockt! Sounds like a hit!”

Patrick Bateman: “ Funny and crazy and cool... I like it! ”

Philip Marshall (Rebels In Con: “That's kinda bonkers! On second listen: yup, bonkers! … Yup, correct - third time = bonkers too”

Philip Sherburne (Wire): “ Really fine stuff here. Such wonderfully tended, sculptured sounds. ”

Philipp Laier (Radio BR): “ Is this still techno? I would know and I couldn't care less. Absolutely fabulous weird music. ”

Philipp Laier (Radio BR): “ Is this still techno? I would know and I couldn't care less. Absolutely fabulous weird music. ”

PROUD MAG (D) Superb!: “ Stefan Goldmann @ Panorama Bar is the best! ”

Radio Diversions (CHRY Toronto: “ Adem sounds ace - support! ”

RADIO FRITZ (D): “On Air!”

Radio S1 (UnserDing): “ On air! s ace - support! ”

Richie Hawtin (M-nus): “ Favourite track: Adem.”

Roland Appel (Buzzin Fly): “ Adem is super dope... actually both tunes..., will play both. ”

ROOF FM – Bjoern Schaeffner: “ Is this Prokoviev's duck that’s joined Ricardo on an after-hours binge on "Adem"? Do you fancy stumbling through more Dusty Cabinets with "Rigid Chain"? Is it just me or does this EP stimulate a cornucopia of sonic allusions? Damn, what a wickedly entertaining record. And thanks for that Chalgapella! ”

Roual Galloway (Faith): “ I'm loving both Adem and Rigid Chain. Adem has the quirkiness with House that I love. Keep it up!”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “Love the Rigid Chain!”

To The Bone Radio: “Rigid Chain Dub is definitely my jam. I really like it –on the show.”

Troy Pierce (M-nus): “ Favorite Track: Rigid Chain (Dub Mix) - interesting tracks!”

TSUGI MAG (F): “Gooood EP! ”

URGENT FM: “On the show!”

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