Frank Muller & Kirk Degiorgio

“Emphasis Ep”

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Played by marcel dettman, chris liebing, sven všth, slam, takkyu ishino, etc… the time has come that berlin based techno producer and dj FRANK MULLER launch his new label MAD MUSICIAN. These days it requires some kind of madness to devote your live to music. But we are not mad entirely, We are the geeks, the gear nerds, the outcasted studio freaks who just heard about daylight. following a string of eps and remixes as his alter ego beroshima, the launch of his new label as Frank Muller was long overdue to focus on the new platform. it continues to break the stylistic frame defined by the market and yet manages to surpass the expectations set by these skilfully crafted productions. MAD MUSICIAN defy genre boundaries and incorporate a wide range of sonic colours. merging detroit influenced berlin techno with any kind of genre. Exploring the electronic galaxy to invite other true musicians to join the mission and to cooperate, remix and to release the stuff we like. The first invited MAD MUSICIAN is none less than lord KIRK DEGIORGIO who recently released some awesome stuff on RUSH HOUR and PLANET E… Are u mad enough ?

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