Kasper Bjørke

“Deep Is The Breath” | “Permanent Vacation, Pillow Talk Rmxs”

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Copenhagen‘s infamous producer, songwriter & DJ wizz-kid just released his new album, entitled ‘Fool‘. In 2010 - while having already gained notoriety as a DJ and Producer - his album debut ‘Standing On Top Of Utopia‘, confi rmed his presence on an even grander level. Radio friendly, intelligent and feel-good electronic pop never sounded so fresh. Now with ‘Fool‘ Kasper continues his wild and ecstatic journey into the future of music. The second single to feature from the new long-player is the casually cool ‘Deep Is The Breath‘. Now a permanent fi xture in Kasper‘s more song-based endeavours, ex-Murder and I Got You On Tape vocalist Jacob Bellens features alongside up-coming talent Emma Acs in the tantalising original. A typical mixture of throbbing electronic pop and heartfelt songwriting, this fi rst taste of ‘Fool‘ is sure to alight your curiosities and even more. This release presents a veritable mixture of remixes, fi rstly kicking out the jams with the Permanent Vacation Mix - a full-bodied, skillfully executed re-dub in glorious retro-futurism. Echoing and spinning slowly out of control, its a subtle and infectious remix that draws the best out of the original while constructing an allnew, deeply electronic vibe. A throbbing analog bassline leads this broken beat excursion which is already proving to be quite a monster on the dancefl oors. Wolf + Lamb‘s Pillow Talk take centre stage next with their remix, featuring Tone of Arc. Lively, organic and expertly produced, their mix has a live-jam feel complete with classic dub-style vocal cuts and trippy synth lines swirling around the bassy, slightly brokenbeated groove. A melodic chorus greets us mid-way before more throw-down inducing deepness. Finnish Duo Hannulelauri hand in their ‘Male‘ mix in the form of an old-school vibed, analog club killer. Primed for the higher energy levels but built for deeper, discerning dance fl oors, this mediumpaced house cut has a few special tricks up its sleeve. Tracklist: A

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