“Death By Misadventure”

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In June 2010 I moved to Berlin. I’d been in Barcelona for 3 years previous to that. Overall, as good as my social life and the experiences that I had there were, musically I was treading water. Constantly trying to not repeat myself, but invariably just backing myself into a corner and rarely coming up with anything good. It was a tough time for me musically. Indeed, I had thoughts of just packing it in which luckily some good friends talked me out of. Everything changed once I moved to Berlin. The different environment and way of life was exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. That same month I sent three tracks to Connaisseur, which would become the Ghosts EP. At that point the label asked me if I wanted to do an album for them. It wasn’t something I had properly considered in quite some time, but I jumped at the prospect. I had self released my debut album back in 2005 which was a collection of tracks I made from 2002 until that point. I was so proud of that album, still am. Sonically it was flawed. Partially due to the limitations of the software I was producing on but mostly due to my own engineering inexperience. Something which I am gradually getting better at but I’m still hopelessly bad at at times. Anyway, that album sold a few copies around Ireland, but nowhere else. Once I started releasing internationally I was just stoked to be releasing EPs. I was all about them. I didn’t listen to any electronic albums period. Only EPs and single tracks. I thought that the album was pointless in the electronic world. Luckily I came around from that point of view, and it coincided with Connaisseur asking me to do the album. So then I tried to decide what angle to take with the album. Should it be a bunch of tracks all written in a short period of time with a similar theme, or a collection of different tracks brought together under the umbrella of an album? Should I cater for the floor or for the home listening experience? So I racked my brains

CNS012CD in the media

DJ: “Jimpster: "This LP sounds like a breath of fresh air" Rainer Trüby: without words....loving the whole album, a very special outing... M.A.N.D.Y.: great album Makossa: „great deep album „ Âme / Kristian: „nice“ Jori Hulkkonen: „awesome & full support, radio & clubwise“ The Revenge: „Lovely“ Tim Sweeney: Fathoms is the one for me Laurent Garnier: "This is pure Chymera beautifulness. Love the album - Superb work" Orlando Voorn: "You went off in the unknown deepseadwelling here...blew me away man!!" Mark Archer (Altern 8):"I was surprised how 'big' this whole lp sounds, the sheer depth of each track is immense." Fabrice Lig: "Its a real magic journey into sounds and emotions" Joel Mull: "Really love it" Mano le Tough: „The album is a masterpiece“ Nick Warren: „trange Things Are Afoot is amazing - Can't wait to hear the album“ Butch: Great album – Tiefschwarz: nice, nice, nice Len Faki: i feel it need some listening to achieve the right deepness which each track radiate to me. a deep work at all! go bren! ”

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