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The first comprehensive documentary film portrait of techno’s most restless innovator! Parameter is the first comprehensive documentary film portrait of Stefan Goldmann. The way his music takes from his studio to the club is traced with rare insights into the premises of Berlin electronic music institutions such as the Hard Wax record store and the D&M mastering studio. In-depth interviews shot in an unidentified scenery of derelict ruins illuminate the principles of his work. Biography: Stefan Goldmann develops conceptual art music that is almost entirely derived from the core features and formats of techno and house: track, remix, sample, edit and loop are stretched to their limits, revealing their essence. He has been responsible for some of techno’s most memorable tracks of recent years, including The Maze, Sleepy Hollow and Lunatic Fringe. His Macro label has been named “the world’s leading avant-techno label” and his remixes have covered a range from Christian Fennesz to Igor Stravinsky. Stefan Goldmann has also been associated with Berlin’s Berghain since 2005, conceiving the Elektroakustischer Salon event format, playing at the legendary Sunday afternoon sessions and writing a bi-monthly column for the club’s program flyer. Resident Advisor: “Stefan Goldmann didn’t establish himself as a force in electronic music by doing things the standard way. His own productions and those found on his Macro label rarely sound like they’re coming from the same universe as practically everything else on the shelves.

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Faze Mag (D): “ Von der ersten Studio-Session, bis hin zum Auflegen in Clubs, die beiden Filmemacher haben Stefan Goldmann bei jedem Detail seiner vielfältigen Arbeit begleitet, landeten dadurch auch in den Räumlichkeiten Berliner Institutionen wie dem Plattenladen Hard Wax oder dem D&M Mastering Studio. Ergänzt wurden die Szenen seiner Arbeit durch Interviews, die in imposanten Ruinenkulissen aufgenommen wurde. ”

Groove ( Germany): “Diese besondere Stellung nahmen die beiden Filmemacher Thomas Kipke und Michael Schade zum Anlass für ein ausführliches filmisches Porträt zum Phänomen Stefan Goldmann [...] Knackig geschnittene und auf hoch ästhetischem Niveau gefilmte Mood-Clips, die von den wichtigsten Goldmann-Stücken der vergangenen Jahre flankiert werden. Gefilmt wurde dabei im Hard Wax, bei Dubplates & Mastering [...] womit auch die zentralen Institutionen der Berliner Technokultur ins Bild rücken. ”

Resident Advisor (UK): “Goldmann is a longtime fixture of Berlin's music scene, having appeared on labels like Perlon before launching Macro. Over the past decade his sound has become more and more experimental, often intentionally testing the boundaries of club music while staying within its basic framework (a good example being last year's The Grand Hemiola, a double-LP built for polyrhythmic mixing, complete with 144 locked grooves). Parameter is a 40-minute documentary that puts a close lens on the German artist and his creative community in Berlin. ”

Textura ( Canada): “It's refreshing to be able to see the person behind the music and to gain a sense of who he is and what his views are. [...] Parameter is an inspired idea in that it offers a seldom-seen glimpse into the working life of one of the most imaginative and thoughtful producers. Macro, which has deservedly been described as “the world's leading avant-techno label,” is always pushing the boundaries in its musical productions, and does something a little bit the same in a different context here as well. ”

Tip Magazin (D): “Hier sinniert der sympathische Techno-Experimentalist über seine Sicht auf die eigene Kunst, die sich nicht einzwängen lässt in die Parameter funktionaler Clubmusik. In den Interviews vermittelt sich schnell das musikalische Offenheitsprinzip des Erfinders des „Elektroakustischen Salons“ im Berghain. Es geht darum, Neues auszutesten, beispielsweise gängige Klangquellen oder Elektronik-Tools zweckzuentfremden oder Sounds zu entdecken wie die Rückkopplung eines Fußpedals - die zum Kern eines Stücks Musik werden kann. ”

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