“Oliver Deutschmann Presents Futureworld”

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Featuring 100% exclusive content from the likes of Christopher Rau, Moomin, XDB, Ron Deacon, Ed Davenport and Quell, ‘Future World’ is the first commercially available mix compilation from Panorama Bar resident and Vidab/Falkplatz boss, Oliver Deutschmann. Released on Slim Audio, the brand new label offshoot of Berlin’s free Slim Magazine, Slim TV and art/music/culture festival Slim Week, ‘Future World’ sees the city’s own Oliver Deutschmann segue together an uncompromising selection of dubbed out house and raw techno. The curating of the mix, which will be release mixed, unmixed (with slight tracklist variations) and on a 12″ sampler, was a simple but involved process for Deutschmann. ‘All of the artists involved I have a personal relationship with and in lots of cases there’s a link to my labels too so the selection wasn’t too difficult for me. All of the artists delivered stuff with me in mind without sacrificing what they do creatively, so the outcome could not have been better’ said Deutschmann. From the static, otherworldly opening sounds that lead into a shuffling piano-led piece of cinematic house in Ed Davenport’s ‘Living Rooms’, ‘Future World’ manages to be hypnotic and surprising throughout. London’s Bearweasel turns in an uncharacteristically brutal, broken and atonal cut in ‘Ripped Down’, we see Robert Bosco at his most austere in ‘Untitled’, XDB at his most aggressive on ‘Raw Wolid’ and Deutschmann himself at his most retrospective in ‘Tourist Crap. Elsewhere we see the brilliant Christopher Rau and Moomin team up for the drum fuelled deepness of ‘A Place at Night’ while Ron Deacon’s crisp yet haunting downtempo melodies in ‘Tea For Two’ are worked into the final throes. Every transition is smooth on ‘Future World’ but Deutschmann never fails to highlight the differences between each track he selects. The contrasting nature of every sound, tone and rhythm is constantly highlighted in this mix and it makes for a narrative that twists and turns jus

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