He Evergreens

“He Green Folder”

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TERPSITON is back again to rough up the UNDERGROUND with its first and much-longed for full-length House-Album called THE GREEN FOLDER by the ingenious masterheads from THE EVERGREENS. Those dudes definitely know how to bring forth the right mood with their gift in the art of soul music to achieve the goal of every single human being: satisfaction, pleasure and harmony. THE EVERGREENS fully delivered the goods by presenting a wide range of emotional and multi-layered electronic music rooted in the origins of the SOUL, FUNK and HOUSE - movement. On this 2x10″ records you easily will find the detailed and passionate long-time relation of THE EVERGREENS to the cordial and organic soundscapes of the 70’s and 80’s. To give you a little review of chosen tracks of the album, we highly recommend you the main-titles like SWEET, SOFT LIGHTS & U, Dr. KISS, LOVE WAVES and DON’T TURN BACK - all of them with their very own signature of groovy, funky and housy beats underlaid with forcing kicks, tremendous percussion and unique vocals of pure sexiness.To bring it to extremes THE EVERGREENS further drop DETROIT EVENING in which they combine all the quality aspects of this record and reach the climax by hilarious singing in duet what this album is all about: “Brothers and sisters, enemies and friends…everybody is welcome for the LOVE WE SPREAD…” This album is truly a dedication to SOUL, it is truly a commitment to HOUSE, it is truly a homage to FUNK and last but not least it is truly a memory of the real legends in music. There is nothing better than getting catched by THE EVERGREENS. But these are only big words, what really counts is the music - so let’s play the green records on heavy rotation, because you will definitely stick to the sound of THE EVERGREENS! THE EVERGREENS are comin…

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