Der Dritte Raum


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Ladies and Gentleman: Der Dritte Raum is back - and this time, it’s not only with new sounds in well-known Krüger style, but also with a new label platform: Der Dritte Raum Records! Fresh and dreamy, that’s the sound of the first release, with four tracks full of groove, warmth and the distinctive Der Dritte Raum-funk on board. On all tracks of this release Andreas Krüger proves he has a firm hold on his analogue machinery - as always - but also shows his connection to contemporary machine music as well as Krautrock and psychedelic sounds. Inspired by his band project Von Trips, numerous analogue recordings entered the new material. We’re ready to take on summer with this first release on our new label: warm layers and playful details skillfully surround the swinging grooves - you can almost feel the soft breeze of a beautiful summer night touch your skin. Just wonderful…

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