Ricardo Villalobos

“Dependent And Happy (2021 Repress)”

PERLON92-3 scanZoom inLabelPerlon
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2021 Repress Tracklist LP-3 (12″): I1 Defixia J1 Koito The distance from Ricardo’s last field trip “Thé au Harem d’Archimède” (PERL43) in 2004 to the present epic 5x12″LP-Set is a galaxy of electronic expression through sound independent from time and pace. It is said that Funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast that Funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. 14 freefloat sessions are made of natural, secret ingredients from the limbic system of astro aztecs. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living. Which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs.

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