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The new album by techno’s most restlessly inventive artist: Pitch bending shaped 17:50’s weirdly alien, yet extremely catchy melodies and bass lines - rough analog drums and distortion hardware bring new sonic pleasures to innovative dance floors. Anti slickness. Pro pitch bend. A world out of tune. De-tuning notes has been central to house and techno since the early days in Chicago. Stefan Goldmann’s “17:50″ is where this bitter-sweet sound turns systematic: the whole Western harmonic standard is thrown overboard and replaced by pitch systems that yield beautifully alien yet incredibly catchy melodies, bass lines and chords. It is probably the first new melodic concept to enter house music since the days of acid. In a field of music whose innovations seemed to have come to an end, pitch bending opens up radically fresh possibilities. Tones never stand still but are bent and re-tuned for maximum expression. As a result even the most simple melodies sound exotically new and intriguing. Warm synths, analog drum machines and loads of dirty distortion shape the album’s sound. “17:50″ is as much about pitch going crazy as about celebrating a rough, vivid hardware sound. Bend the pitch and the mind will follow. Pitch bending in one sentence: “If you don’t add something to a note, it dies.” (Miles Davis) Tracklisting 2x12″: A1 17:50 A2 Carrion Crow A3 Rigid Chain B1 The Outness Queens B2 Manila Grind C1 Adem C2 Dead Cat Bounce D1 Empty Suit D2 Kampong Pressure

MACROM30LP in the media

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee): “Big Fan! Great to hear a full album from Stefan Goldmann. Digging it... ”

Resonance FM (UK): “On the show – The Wire / Adventures in Sound by Derek Walmsley. ”

The Drone (FR): “ You have been warned. 17:50 is dangerous, 17:50 is brilliant, 17:50 will be in your top of 2012 list. ”

Tobi Neumann: “Ganz großes Tennis! Dieses Album würde ich als Werk bezeichnen. Lebendig, musikalisch, skuril,witzig, trippig.. Ich denke mal das wird die Zeit überdauern. Voller Support und Respekt!”

3Voor12 (NL): “Exclusive album stream on website”

Ame (Innervisions): “ Genius! ”

BBC Radio 1 (UK): “ Stef is magic. Full marks. (Nico de Ceglia)”

BBC Radio Ulster (UK): “Something really otherworldly about the harmonics in this record, it's totally unique in its approach and delivery. A real rarity these days. (Paul Hamill)”

Beatsandbeyond (NL): “ With ‘17:50’, Stefan Goldmann has delivered a unique example of intelligent electronic music that far exceeds the boundaries of techno. Intriguing from beginning to end, this is one of those rare albums that reveal new facets upon each spin. Highly recommended. - - - Tracks such as ‘Carrion Crow’, the super funky ‘Rigid Chain’ and the pumping floorfiller ‘Adem’ both compel the audience and work their magic on the floors, while the more sedate, rhythm-stripped tracks such as the mysterious ‘The Outness Queens’ and the Tim Burton-on-electronics ‘Manila Grind’ add balance to this wonderful album. A rich and highly adventurous affair.”

Ben Sims (House FM): “ Some serious quirky workouts sitting alongside slightly uncomfortable melodies here, interesting stuff indeed. ‘Rigid Chain’ is the stand out cut for me, an addictive and menacing Lil Louis meets Art Of Noise style groover, which is either gonna win the crowd over or scare the f*ck out of them (both are good things haha), thanx! ”

Berlin 030 (D): “ Lebendes und leuchtendes Beispiel für einen Elektroniker, der mit dem Kopf nicht nur nicken, sondern auch denken kann. Dass Goldmann bei aller Liebe zum komplexen Gedankengang auch weiß, wie man einen Party-Mob mit zünftigem Techno bei Laune hält, dürfte er in der Panorama Bar erneut unter Beweis stellen.”

BigShot Mag (USA): “ Quirky fun - but solid enough to pump the main stage! ”

CHRY FM Toronto (CDA): “Intriguing, with an abundance of dynamic sound designs - support! ” (ES): “ One of the great treasures of European electronic music, lover of both experimentalism and dance: With his new album, Stefan Goldmann is at the cutting edge firing line again. ”

DRADIO Kultur (D): “ On the show – TonArt. + Feature coming up.”

Dummy Mag (UK): “Great Miles quote.”

DVNT (Mantis Radio UK): “This sounds focused, alien, playful, different and ultimately very interesting. Oddball fits this album. I don't get on with all of it, but then I don't think I'm supposed to. ”

Edno (BG): “Featured as one of 100 representative figures of contemporary art in the book “Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague” – out November 2012. ”

Eric D. Clark: “ Nice one! I quite like it and the video too...”

FACT (UK): “ Stefan Goldmann’s spirit of inquiry is alive and well on 17:50.”

Faze Mag (D): “Rau, analog, schmutzig und einzigartig, so präsentiert sich das neue Goldmann-Werk. FEATURE COMING UP IN ISSUE 10/2012. ”

Flux FM (D): “On the show – club sandwich. ”

FMU New York (USA): “On the show with Daniel Blumin. ”

Glissando (PL): “Stefan Goldmann is just extraordinary. ”

Groove (D): “Goldmann schlägt eine Brücke in zuvor unbekanntes Gebiet, in dem es sich bestens tanzen lässt. Verzerrte Synthesizer-Klänge arbeiten den fremdartig-rauhen Charakter des Tonmaterials noch krasser heraus. Das Experiment geht bestens auf. FEATURE IN ISSUE 9/2012. ”

Hauke Freer (Session Victim): “Beim Slap Bass von “Carrion Crow” haut’s mich weg!”

Inigo Kennedy: “ Some wild sounds here!”

Jazzthing (D): “ Perfekt swingende Elektronik.”

John Tejada (Palette): “Sounds really good and refreshing. I will spend some time with this.”

Juice FM (UK): “Off-kilter techno weirdness sounding like nothing else out there!! ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “Brilliant stuff! Thanks a million times for this great album. A bientot, Laurent Garnier.”

Marc Romboy (Systematic): “Congrats for this outstanding album! I love ‘Rigid Chain’! Stefan adds some needed freshness to the electronic scene, thanx!”

Musikexpress (D): “ So fügt Goldmann mit jeder Veröffentlichung der elektronischen Musik ein neues Kapitel hinzu. Wir hören Techno, der „eine Party rocken“ (Goldmann) kann, aber auch von einer gewissen Schrägheit der Melodien geprägt ist. Es gibt kaum einen Produzenten, der Tanzbarkeit und Avant-Crazyness besser vereint. ***** (Albert Koch)”

Noice! (UK): “What a great album this is... big respect! ”

Prins Thomas (Full Pupp): “There's a couple of things here that are not only really really good but actually blew me away (and out of my socks). I'll happily wait and buy this record when it hits the stores, just thought I'd show you some love (LOVE LOVE LOVE)! ”

Radio Fritz Berlin (D): “ On the show – Nightflight with Nadine Kreuzahler. ”

Radio ORF FM4 (AT): “Freaky stuff! **** ”

Radioeins (D): “ On the show – elektro beats.”

Robert Owens: “ Thank you for the great vibes!”

Roual Galloway (Faith): “ Tough sounds. I like!”

SER 107.3 FM Sydney (AUS): “ On the show – Down Low Disco with Lorna Clarkson. ” (UK): “ Remaining based around the stripped techno he initially built his career and reputation on, the album also utilizes odd Middle Eastern style detuned synth sounds and melodies throughout, differing dramatically from the usual techno sounds that have dominated dance music for over 25 years. ” (UK): “17:50 provides a master class in experimentation. ”

Sound & Recording (JAP): “Feature coming up in issue 10/2012. ”

Strongroom Radio (UK): “ Weird off-key stuff that has always caught my ear and very often my feet! It’s great to have this. I know it will grow and grow on me… It's good to have interesting funky house music sent when so much of it is sh*t!! This most definitely isn’t. (Ross Allen) ”

TAZ die tageszeitung (D): “ Absolut keine Überraschung ist, dass ausgerechnet Goldmann eine solche Innovation gelingt. Einer der schlauesten Köpfe des Techno.“17:50“ funktioniert wie eine ganz normale Techno-Platte, aber klingt doch vollkommen anders.”

Trax (FR): “Feature coming up in issue 10/2012. ”

WIRE (UK):: “ Roughness with pitch is allied with roughness of timbre and an irreverent, even at times clownish feel. This means thin, bleepy synths, bitcrushed and distorted drum loops sounding like a pauper’s Daft Punk. […] We have the dubious pleasure of cheesy Arabian microtonal mimicry in “Adem.” ”

ZEIT Online (DE): “Feature coming up 9/2012. ”

Zitty (D): “Es ist eine kleine musikalische Revolution.”

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