Various Artists

“Pan Sampler Vol 2”

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A1. Sven Weisemann - Nandus A2. Imugem Orihasam - Hellucination B1. Ryo Murakami - Deep Forest B2. Imugem Orihasam - Nek Noyujin Definition of Japanese deep electronic music, Pan records yet again compiled the various artist EP with full of surprises. As opposed to previous releases, ambient is the word to describe this forthcoming EP, not forgetting its deepness lies within. Sven Weisemann from Berlin is making his debut to Pan, showing much love for the label. Dynamic and elaborative wave of sounds, together makes continuous teasing build up throughout. He will be only the second non-Japanese artist to be appeared on this label. Imugem Orihasam provides A2 & B2 to Pan04. He is based in Hokkaido, famously known for their local club, Precious Hall. This rising Japanese producer yet again shows what he is capable of after his recent releases from Sistrum and New Kanada to name a few. A2 - Hellucination is really hypnotic enough to make you have illusory perception. Subtle progression of the track draws you into the world of deepness. B2 - Nek Noyujin is just perfect for closer, not only to this EP but however hectic the night might be. Illustrate his versatility in a best way possible. 3rd one to join the compilation is Ryo Murakami, the owner of pan records, alongside with DJ Pi-Ge. He showed the direction of the label with Pan00 & Pan01. This track makes you feel as if you are lost in the misty forest, natural sounding synth makes up the character of the track. He provided quality to this his yet again. These three makes a must have compilation, another one for your be loved record bag.

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