Noom Café

“Beyond Time”

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What exactly has happened to all the Chillout Floors? Once being an indispensable place for cozy hangouts and relief at every good party, they calmly dissipated in the last decade. They were eventually replaced with second and third floors, all with the same standardized ‘four to the floor’ sound without attitude. And now Noom Café come with an album that sounds like being made in the best times of the Chillout Era. Is there a Chillout revival coming upon us? For Noom Café this is not the question. They live for relaxed beats and low key soundscapes ever since. Their new Album ‘Beyond Time, released by the Frankfurt label ‘Elux’, is like a fresh breeze on a Balearic evening in summer. Within the first minutes of the albums opener ‘Baracoa’, the listener gets a very clear impression of the musical quality of Noom Café. Acoustic instruments and swinging beats, like in ‘Blue Sky’,melt into electronic pads and reverberant vocal samples. In this manner Noom Café are creating their very own world, far away from the hectic of everyday life. Anyhow, a day at the beach touches on more than just sunshine. ‘Beyond Time’ takes the listener away from the worn out paths of the genre and sends him on a journey to darker sound realms. Reminiscences of Dubstep and Deephouse (‘The Awakening (Next Day Mix)’) are as well audible as the exuberant and almost progressive moments of ‘Glass’ und ‘Stormy Beach.’ Electric and experimental beats take control over the second half of the longplayer and guide the listener into the night just to smoothly embrace him again with the jazzy closing track ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’.Altogether ‘Beyond Time’ is much more than a typical chillout album. Noom Café takes you to their very own beach and it is a pleasure to share this voyage with them. Tracklisting: 1. Baracoa 2. Blue Sky 3. Sylt 4. Surfing 5. Raindrops 6. Sand In The Desert 7. Time 8. The Awakening (Next Day Mix) 9. Glass 10. Genetic (Downbeat Mix) 11. Stormy Beach 12. Don’t Fall Aslee

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