Complicated Universal Cum

“Hello Exit Harmony - Before F After C”

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Complicated Universal Cum is the solo project of Frederik Valentin. Valentin is already involved in numerous rock constellations around Copenhagen, but none as uncompromising as Complicated Universal Cum. The debut album aptly named “Cuc” was only being released in Denmark but it raised more than a few eye brows globally with the video to itīs single “I Can Hardly Wait", toping more than 10.000.000 views. Even at that Time Cucīs signature Sound = fuzzed-out psychedelic spacerock combining elements of primitive electropunk, noiserock and punkrock attitude was shining through. The Album was introduced live with a 7 piece band including 2 drummers and 3 guitars that will also showcase the new release we have here now. “Hello Exit Harmony” and “Before F after C” that Questions & Answers will release internationally together with their Copenhagen based Friends Fake Diamond Records rre proving the debut was far from a brief moment of good taste on behalf of Valentin. Instead sealing his place as one of the most interesting rock musicians in the monarchy of Denmark. The reference is ill late 80’s psychedelic rock mixed with an often repetitive, kraut influenced rhythm section, along side a great use of electronic effects. Valentin’s greatest advantage is the ability to turn the material into his own, without sounding like the genre confused, pale image of his idols. “Hello Exit Harmony” focuses on the power of the word. Valentin offers his interpretation of classic indie rock, influenced by British shoegazer and 90’s American noise rock, mixed with his fondness of the melodic and refrain orientated rock hit. The culminations heard on the single “Beyond or Below". A heavy bass line serves as the foundation of a dreamy yet explosive rock hit, on which cascades of expressive guitar noise and musical know-how reaches a higher purpose. On the contrary, abstraction best defines the concept of “Before F after C". The album consists of four, self-indulgent, psych

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