Paco Osuna

“Amigos Pt2”

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A1:Paco Osuna & John Lagora - Art Confusion A2: Paco Osuna & Uner - Paner AA1:Paco Osuna & Tamamovic - Ponsatu AA2:Paco Osuna & Tony Rohr - StaBass UPC A Barcode: 815349011835 REL DATE 22.10.2012 Following on from the first Amigos EP on which Spain’s Paco Osuna mixed it up with his real life friends comes Amigos Pt. 2, another EP of studio collaborations. It’s been a great year for Paco, picking up plenty of acclaim across the board for his sets, remixes and productions, not least from DJ Mag Spain who voted him Best DJ, Best Producer and Best Remixer in their recent awards. The first track, ‘Art Confusion’ is in conjunction with John Lagora and explores woozy, subtle synth lines, squelchy percussion and plenty of sci-fi cinematism as it slowly snakes from a to b, growing ever funkier with each bar. ‘Ponsatu’ sees Paco team up with Tamamovic to go deep into the stripped back realms of techno. Above rolling grooves and belches of swollen synths sit intricate percussive patterns and barely recognisable voices before the whole thing bubbles over into a tightly coiled rhythm that kicks like a mule. It’s fellow Spaniard Uner who steps up to the controls with Paco on ‘Paner’ and together the pair explore clicky micro rhythms and de-humanised vocal yelps. Thick with swirling air currents and devilish sound design it’s a heady brew indeed. Finally, ‘StaBass’ in collaboration wit Tony Rohr, is a busy drum workout. Punchy and techy, it twists and turns beneath beguiling synth colours and shooting fire fly like sounds, building to intense highs where tension is built and then released at will. As such, it closes out another far ranging EP that shows Paco’s friends are as on point in the studio as he is.

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