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An album to be loaded into any sound system to taste that feeling of freedom, a dream embodied in sound as the walls vanish from the room, day gives way to an unforgettable night, the Moon shines in all its purity and we are inebriated with an astounding sense of amazement. Technique ready to evolve, changing so that one beat is destroyed to create another, fresh and innovative, producing plenty of twists: swinging to and fro in carefully measured drumbeats, sudden dilations in frequency that fade away without ever losing that aftertaste, the sensation of experiencing something for the first time. Listening to the album is the perfect accompaniment when having lunch, working, travelling, playing, dancing, dreaming, driving and making love. All Kjofol’s thoughts will drift around our lounge, fluttering through the kitchen, coming to rest with us in bed and entertaining us on the landing before eventually getting into our iPod. The introspection of silence, real sounds recorded in the place where the artist first thought up his music, so that nothing is lost, none of that feeling of fullness and passion. After leaving Montpellier two years ago to settle in the cold city of Berlin so as to really experience German club life in all its nuances, Kjofol uses French voices and instruments, tele-transporting them onto an international, evocative, classical and, at the same time, very modern-day scene. And if you happen to be wondering what it is really all about, I’m afraid you will never really understand it completely.

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