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Released 19 November 2012 EAN: 4250382415831 LP INCLUDES DOWNLOADCODE The time has come. The funky nerd and knob-handler Erdbeerschnitzel alias Tim Keiling is releasing his first physical album on Mirau. The young producer, who has moved from his hometown of Mittelfischbach to Bonn, tapped into the lode of versatility early on, and has been extracting one surprise after another ever since. After single-handedly releasing a first digital album that was obviously bursting with ideas (“Pathetik Party”, 2009), Erdbeerschnitzel rapidly made himself a name with first-class single releases in the following years on 3rd Strike Records, 4 Lux and Mirau – a name not easily forgotten. The release of the much-celebrated single “To an End” on Mirau made clear that this was but the beginning of a work together. In the wake of anticipation created by the digital single “Through the Night”, the album “Tender Leaf” is now available on beautifully packed double vinyl. “Tender Leaf” is a collection of 12 wonderful tracks, splashing at the edges with Erdbeerschnitzel’s signature deep, driving vibe throughout the entire album, pulling us into a pool of swinging, iridescent oomph. Each elaborate audio-bouquet is full of spirit. Sometimes weirdly romantic and introverted, then breaking out into raucous assemblage, flaunting sonar reverb. Keiling’s production makes these gems sound like an essence of all the music around us today, which calls out to us in echoing vocal traces. In “The Mattress Excursions”, guest singer “The Drifter” steers his soulful voice through the escalating arrangement and broken beats as we remember from early Jamie Lidell tracks. Erdbeerschnitzel frequently gives things a humorous turn, flashing us winks from the midst of the fray. His characteristic beat programming, clever and exulting, makes otherwise bland patterns swing into pulsating vivacity; picking up on contemporary styles and aesthetics, he re-animates sounds within his own parameters. Multifacet-flow

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