Cesar Coronado

“Voodoo, Dixie Yure, Till Von Sein Rmxs”

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UPC A Barcode: 827170465763 Releasedate: 26th of November 2012 A1: Cesar Coronado - Voodoo (Original Mix) A2: Cesar Coronado - Voodoo (Till Von Sein Remix) B1: Cesar Coronado - Edit#2 (Original Mix) B2: Cesar Coronado - Edit#2 (Dixie Yure Remix) For this seventh and awaited EP, released by the promising label Fiakun, takes reins the acclaimed Mexican producer Cesar Coronado. The young artist delights us with music full of new sounds, adapted to the infinite complexity of today’s electronic music. Despite the apparent distance between the Basque Country and Mexico, both have been working closely for the production of this glazy work, which is reflected in the 12′’ currently presented to the public. In this new EP, the inimitable Till Von Sein and Dixie Yure signed two separate remixes endowed with the delicacy to which we are accustomed. The first one has chosen the main tune “Voodoo", implying his darkest side, while the second one makes a riskier bet mixing an experimental rhythm.

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