“The Gold Retrospective 2007-2012”

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An album like this should be wrapped in gold, with shooting star accents and served on a rose bedecked saucer.This is ying and yang, laurel and hardy, spaghetti and tomato sauce, it is: everything. and never nothing. in the club cellar it is potent dynamite and by the light of day it belongs to a souled passion, in quiet moments at home. “The gold retrospective” is the essence of five musical experiments, extending the work of monsieur kadebostan on the labels Fenou and Freude am Tanzen. kadebostan celebrates the fine hand-craftsmanship of deep house and mid- tempo electro. he performs like a surgeon at the heart of ecstasy, and for reason of his house roots he has a strange curiosity for “traditional” sounds. old arabic songs on harp infused beats, there italian melodrama filtered through scin- tillating rhythm, and over here deepest ambient techno seasoned with iconic declarations from the seventies.

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