“The Hand Of Hec”

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Release Date: 17. Dezember 2012 UPC-A Barcode: 827170472761 A1 The Hand Of Hec B1 King Of The Yard B2 Start Stop Dream Hailing from the “Pearl of the West", Hector’s upbringing in Guadalajara, Mexico – a city occupied by distinguished poets, writers, painters, actors, film directors and other creative souls – has partially influenced his strong interest in the electronic mix-culture and nurtured his knack for edgy house beats. Taking to his passion at the ripe age of 16 and later becoming a key player on London’s infamous house circuit, it wouldn’t be long before mobilee welcomed in some fresh air to their Berlin imprint. Now, two releases and two compilation appearances later, Hector will release his third 3-part EP under mobilee’s 104th edition. “The Hand Of Hec” dominates the A-side with a single interval beat garnished in tambourine strikes collecting upbeat melodies, voice samples and various noise elements along its seven minute journey. This track embodies Hector’s “anything goes” attitude with rubber-band notes that snap back into full-fledged grooves. The flip-side represents a more daring and experimental side of Hector as “King Of The Yard” incorporates multitudes of funky sounds, samples, vocals and other quirky gadgets. Fast-paced and sensational, this track is home to the long lost jitterbugs. Wrapping up the B-side is “Start Stop Dream", a relaxing lullaby that cradles the comedown with tame beats under a calm sky of shooting lasers.

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