“Remix Project 2012”

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Sublevel Sounds, a sub-label run by DJ Spider, will be making big moves in 2013. To kick off the new cycle is this four-track remix project featuring tracks from DJ Spider alias Kuru’s “Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy” LP from Summer 2011. Starting things off is a beatdown styled remix of “Draconian Hybrids” from Plan B Recordings co-boss Dakini9. Retaining the flavor of the original track but slowing it way down, this head nodder pulls you in with an organic breath loop underpinning Dakini9’s keys over Kuru’s original passes. The A2 brings you back from Dakini9’s hypnosis with Black Catalogue label boss Monty Luke’s take on “House Cannibal.” This peak-time remix keeps the original’s acid-y bassline and samples while adding layers of texture. Despite the layering, Monty Luke’s production keeps the sounds well organized and clean, allowing you play this one loud! The B side kicks off with underground darling Joey Anderson. With releases on Strength Music, Until My Heart Stops, Underground Quality, Soul People Music, and his own Inimeg Recordings, Joey is a hot commodity in the underground these days. His take on “Black Moon Lilith” is a perfect representation of his production style: things morph and build until chaos threatens to overtake the track, but Joey never loses control of this strange little techno jam he’s turned in for Sublevel Sounds. Closing off the compilation is Innerspace Halflife’s version of “Mobius Strip.” The production duo of Hakim Murphy and Ike Velez is getting lots of attention for their analog-based sound creations, and this remix shows us why: hats and percussion elements bounce all over the place while a fuzzy acid bassline and organic noises fill in the gaps. This is one for the underground collector. Don’t miss this very limited 12” vinyl, 300 pressings only and that’s it.

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