Nicoals Duvoisin

“Walking Ep”

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After nearly a one-year hiatus, foundsound returns with a whoppin’ four-tracker (available on vinyl and digital) courtesy of a french-speaking whiz kid. foundsound is stoked to welcome nicolas duvoisin to the family. nicolas duvoisin hails from geneva, switzerland. he is the owner of fantastic friends recordings. he is one-half of plastic fm. and he is known for creatively alternating between minimal, house and techno giving the dance floor a unique ass-shaking experience such as with his releases and remixes on labels like snork enterprises, kindisch, kina music, siteholder, circle music, and many others. on walking ep, nicolas duvoisin carries you through a groovy tech-house joyride that is deep and floor- pumping at the same time fueled by alluring grooves and savvy experimentalism.

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