“Cero (prins Thomas & Tuff City Kids Rmx)”

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Tracklist: A1. Prins Thomas Diskomiks, A2. Prins Thomas Ambiens, B1. Tuff City Kids Mix 1, B2. Tuff City Kids Mix 2 the second part of the in-demand ” Cero” by Galarude ( DJ Kent and homies from Sly Moongose and Tokyo No. 1 Soulset ) that had been a secret weapon of a selected few DJ glitterati since it’s original Japan-only release in 2004 delievers another set of knockout mixes: Prins Thomas flatens the originals tribal elements with hard whiping beats and a forceful steamroller of a bassline yet keeps the headmessing ingredients intact with all those swirling, spinning soundparts that one can also enjoy in higher dosage with the “ambient miks” for daytripping on your homecouch. Tuff City Kids aka Lauer and Gerd Janson corrborate how they persistently tweaked themselves to the a-list of remixing teams with two expertly constructed, infectiously swinging house mixes that keep the acid purity level high and carry the promise of a neverending summer of love.

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