Daniel Dexter

“Focus On Daniel Dexter”

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Release Date 4.3.2013 EAN 4250382416180 01. Daniel Dexter: The Other Day 02. Daniel Dexter: Birds *** 03. Daniel Dexter: Night Away feat. Geraldine Roth *** 04. Daniel Dexter: No House For Old Men 05. Daniel Dexter: Raw Land *** 06. Zombie Disco Squad: Righteous Sound (Daniel Dexter Remix) ** 07. Daniel Dexter: Murder 08. Daniel Dexter: Storm 09. Daniel Dexter: Papillon *** 10. Daniel Dexter: Sirens *** 11. Daniel Dexter: Why So Serious? *** 12. Daniel Dexter: Into The Wild *** 13. Gender Bombs: Danube (Daniel Dexter Remix) * About Daniel Dexter Daniel Dexter aka Dex is one of the up and coming DJs and producers from Berlin. Over a couple of releases on labels like Mother, Off, Semester and Poker Flat, Daniel managed to develop his own signature sound, a deep, yet jacking shade of modern House with a touch of dark and soul. His latest single on Poker Flat (“Strom” and “No House For Old Men”) gained him top positions in the Clubcharts accross the globe. The album To stand in the tradition of previous “Focus On” albums on Poker Flat, the new album includes 7 brand new exclusive tracks, alongside some key releases and distinct high points of his sound. The exclusive tracks are available on the vinyl release. The album is also being released on CD as an exclusive mix made by Dexter himself, showcasing not only his expertly crafted tracks but his unique and highly sought after mixing skills. Featured artists on the album are singer Geraldine Roth as well as Zombie Disco Squad and Gender Bombs in yet unreleased Daniel Dexter remixes.

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