Nubian Mindz

“Hacker Wacker Ep”

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Disko404 is a long-established promotional crew based in Graz, Austria, whose renowned monthly events are all about celebrating the bass in dubstep, funky, house, juke, grime, hip hop, electro, and experimental sounds. In 2012 they branched out as a record label, launching with a well-received split EP from Sun People & Franjazzco, followed up by Simon/Off’s ‘Take It Back’ EP. The label’s third release comes from legendary broken beat and drum & bass producer Colin Lindo, aka Nubian Mindz, aka Alpha Omega. The man needs no further introduction as he is known for his brilliant releases on labels like Reinforced, 2000Black, Archive, Delsin and many more. ‘Hacker Wacker’ is hypnotizing with sharp beats and a dubby, bleepy, broken techno vibe ready to take you on a sweaty late night trip. ‘Vox & Cymbal’ is true listening bliss, a timeless tune centred around warm Detroit chords, downpitched vocals and spiralling synthlines, sending you on a dream-like journey. Vinyl pressing strictly limited to 250 copies only. Early support from Scuba, Untold, and 2562.

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