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UPC: 827170479166 Release: 04.03.2013 Tracklist: A1: Cashmere A2: Crack Fox B: Cashmere (Reverse Mix) If the “Parquet” album saw them delivering a unified vision of dancefloor purity to massive acclaim, “Cashmere” now takes ELEKTRO GUZZI’s signature man-machine sound up a notch. It is moving their rock-solid base towards ecstatic moments of techno bliss. In the title track layers of circling angular chords cause goose bumps, while a warmly pulsating foundation of bass and drums locks in the groove. The “Reverse Mix” does exactly what it says: reversing the arrangement and re-building the track back to front. In “Crack Fox” it is then the interaction of shifted bass line and countering melodic scraps that pushes the whole thing forward. All set off against ultra-steady drumworks, only swelling in lengthy waves towards eerie peaks, the result is sheer madness. Essential material from the band that reinvented “live techno.”

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Itsours (DE): “ Elektro Guzzis Cashmere EP ist düster Techno. Ein bisschen konzeptionell. Cashmere, der Titel, der der EP ihren Namen gibt, findet sich nämlich gleich zwei Mal auf dem Release wieder. Ein mal das Original. Und dann auf der B-Seite die Reverse-Version. Der gleiche Titel, aber das Pferd von hinten aufgezäumt. Im Vergleich kristalliseren sich die Unterschiede sehr gut heraus. Das ist spannend beim Zuhören. ”

Musikexpress (DE): “ Jeder neue Track von Elektro Guzzi erzeugt wiederholtes Erstaunen ob der Handgemachtheit einer Musik, deren Nichthandgemachtheit immer wieder als Gegenargument angeführt wird - vor allem von doofen Rock-Revanchisten. Die alle werden Lügen gestraft von dieser österreichischen Techno-Band. Der Titeltrack ist düstere, nach vorne drängende Techno-Ekstase, die von einem ungewöhnlichen Groove unterstützt wird. Den Track gibt es noch in der "Reverse Version", die das Original quasi von hinten aufrollt, wenn Sie verstehen was ich meine. 4,5/5 ”

Popperola (BE): “ Their latest ep, which is produced by their compatriot and techno veteran Patrick Pulsinger, features three pieces or, to be precise two tracks and a reverse version of one of these. “Cashmere” itself is, well, live or not, a thriving piece with a certain drama that is as captivating as it is hot. The reverse version is just what it claims to be: the same structure but re-written and played backwards, which the band delivers as an equally great song. “Crack Fox” has a stirring quality, mostly because of the wobbling, repetitive guiding sounds that are topped up by short, drone-like horn touches and a guitar part that sounds similar to a new wave lick. Indeed, Elektro Guzzi once more made a record with a lively and warm sound and well-balanced in recording and production that proves their status. ”

Radio Fritz RBB Berlin FM (DE): “Radio Fritz RBB Berlin FM (DE) On the show - by Nadine Kreuzahler. ”

RBMA Radio (UK): “RBMA Radio (UK) EP streamed on page. ”

Textura (CDA): “The Cashmere EP is classic Elektro Guzzi: three tracks that gloriously showcase the trio's singular “live techno” sound. The dramatic title cut stokes cool fire with a bass-and-drum groove that's so kinetically tight it feels ready to burst and a series of guitar-generated figures that lend the track an ominous foreboding. A hint of dubstep infuses “Crack Fox” in its incorporation of bass wobble but otherwise the piece is pure Elektro Guzzi, especially in the way it uses six-string textures and an intricate, hi-hat-coloured drum pulse to tackle its steady ascent to euphoria. In an inspired twist, the group ends the release with a “Reverse Mix” of “Cashmere” that folds the original inside-out by reversing the arrangement and re-building the track, resulting in an epic slow-burner that's clearly connected to its parent yet holds up equally well as a dynamic stand-alone. One comes away from the EP thinking of the trio as a single, six-armed entity, its members telepathically conjoined in their shared undertaking. ”

The Wire (UK): “ Contrary to what you might expect of a three-piece group playing Techno using only drums, guitar and bass, there's nothing particularly gimmicky about Elektro Guzzi's music. Played like a fiercely dedicated exercise in exploring Techno's inner mechanics by hand, it's executed with metronomic precision. Still, they're best when the mechanical veneer occasionally cracks - the slippages in rhythm and undisguised guitars on 2011's Parquet remind the listener that, yes, you're listening to a live outfit. These are less apparent on Cashmere, whose title track's big-room club approach - it's a dead ringer for James Holden's The Sky Is Pink remix - feels somewhat at odds with the economy of their set-up. Their sound feels better suited to dingy basements than cavernous warehouses, so Crack Fox fares better, tackling glassy, Jeff Mills-style Techno futurism with punkish immediacy and a playful air. ”

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