John Hughes Daydream


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UPC 827170489561 REL date 15.4.2013 Special Remarks: LP with Commisioned Artwork, Full Color Jacket Tracklist LP: A1. 7th Wave A2. Thriller A3. Ebony Eyes A4. Walk The Walk B1. Drinking Gasoline B2. Terrible Things B3. I Wanna Play With Jordi B4. Dumb Child John Hughes Daydream is a project born in Brooklyn with one foot straddled across the east river to a 12th floor studio overlooking Broadway. Conceived and created in the digital realm between binary electronic vibrations and silver screen inspirations. This release was born as a day dream and conceived in a haze, Our city is a river, a sea of imagination, with memories swirling and crashing, The beginning is the end … the end is the beginning, The front is the back… everything is back to front, Sit back, relax, close your eyes… You are in the back of a yellow crown vic new york taxi cab, Today life is a thriller, John Hughes Daydream is your driver and dream weaver Let us take you away for the day, To dream, John Hughes Daydream, Thriller. Available on Full Color Jacket LP by Brooklyn based visual artists Masha Matveeva and Aik Safaryan.

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