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UPC: 827170490369 Release : 15.04.2013 Funken presents berlin based solo clarinet-player and performer Andreas Ernst aka RANDWEG along with the first album EQUISETALES. RANDWEG portrays the theme of a journey that moves (and represents a thread between) while sketching the tiny little things beside the pathway. Following Andreas Ernst’s debuts tracks and cooperations with Ellen Allien on Sool, Der Dritte Raum’s SWING BOP and his live appearances with the electronic act Der Dritte Raum, he presents us nine tracks on EQUISETALES with a Krautrock and Jazz affair - coupled with ethereal sonic environments, and a surprising variety of sounds that come from his clarinet. It could be said that EQUISETALES is carefully sequenced to a narrative structure: beginning with ‚ARMY OF ANTS’ a 5/4 time signature track that almost visualises the vitality of formicary and then ending in the mellow wilderness of ‚YOFA.’ RANDWEG utilizes little, electronic instruments. Clarinet and the natural resonances of organic materials (usually by way of the clarinet-play or home-made contraption) become his main instruments, and as his live shows often attest to, Andreas Ernst can turn almost the full audience into a woodwind capable of producing beautiful music. Playlist: 1 Army of Ants 2 Cowbellboy (In the Woods Mix) 3 Comico Pera 4 Kleinod 5 Horsetail Blues 6 Source 7 Labster 8 Ball (Forest Glade Mix) 9 Yofa

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