Arjuna Schiks

“Storyteller, Picture Disc!”

BUR012 scanZoom inLabelBurlesque Musique
Cat. No.BUR012
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UPC: 827170499966 Release : 20.05.2013 Special Remarks: limited picture cover (500 copies) Tracklist 12″: A1. De Lege Naturae A2. Regenboog B1. Birds B2. Storyteller Listening to Arjuna’s first release on Burlesque Musique really is like harkening to a fairytail! The complex sound structures of “De Lege Naturae” open wide fields of unexplored territories to the listener. Letting him graze through these sound fields, the warm bass of “Regenboog” is retrieving the hearer to more acquainted dominions. Accompanied by the ardent sounds and fairy vocals of “Birds", the “Storyteller” ends his narration with a hymn which could last forever…

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