Jaw & Kevork Keshishian

“Hazihi Laylaty, Soul Clap Rmx” | “Sorry Entertainers Remix”

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Barcode: 827170460263 Release : 20.05.13 Tracklist LP: A1 - Hazihi Laylaty - Original Mix - ISRC: FR-2T0-13-00027 A2 - Hazihi Laylaty - Sorry Entertainers remix - ISRC: FR-2T0-13-00028 B1 - Hazihi Laylaty - Soul Clap remix - ISRC: FR-2T0-13-00029 As if our recent releases hadn’t already been spreading the sound of Circus Company into new and exciting places, now our very own silver-tongued enchanter JAW emerges with the first details of his own autonomous project. Somewhere in between the electronic drive of his day job in dOP and the folky, organic instrumentation of Les Fils Du Calvaire, JAW shares with us a new venture that has thrust him into the studio with Lebanese musician Kevork Keshishian. After a chance meeting on the streets of Beirut, the pair struck upon a creative buzz and so “Hazihi Laylaty” was born. Translated as “this is my night", the title references one of the most famous pieces sung by the celebrated Egyptian singer Umm Kalthoum in the early part of the twentieth century. The dusty crackles and haunting strings that begin “Hazihi Laylaty” instantly call to mind the mystery and allure of traditional Arabic music, and the track as a whole fuses this spirit with a subtle wielding of modern electronics to create a thoroughly moody piece of pop-noir. Paying full respect to the complexity and consideration of the original version, both The Sorry Entertainers and Soul Clap embark upon unusual approaches for their remixes, managing to enhance the electronic elements in the track through more prominent production without losing the core ambience of Jaw and Keshishian’s creation. JAW has been quietly working on a solo project for many years whilst also engaged with the relentless demand of his life in dOP, and now finally the time has come for people to hear the first snapshot of this venture. Bringing together a vast array of people, singers and producers from all corners of music, JAW’s voice provides the glue with which a brave and boundary-l

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