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“Remixes By Stimming, Lake People,” | “Kim Brown, Nocow, Monokle, Almunia”

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UPC 827170478060 Rel date 10.6.2013 A1. Close These Curtains (Monokle Remix) A2. Half Awake (Nocow Pass Away Mix) A3. Close These Curtains (Irrelevant Remix) B1. Blowfish (Lake People Remix) B2. Kept On Walking, (Dave DK Manchester Super Jam) C1. Close These Curtains (Stimming Remix) C2. First In Line (Kim Brown Remix) D1. First In Line (Lake People Remix) D2. Lack Of Comfort (Leo Almunia Remix) We’re excited to present the remixes of the amazing album „Behaving Like A Widower” by producer Holger Zilske and Swedish singer-songwriter August Landelius. The album was released on our label in 2011 and was nominated for the award “Deutscher Radiopreis” in the same year. “Behaving Like A Widower” is so good, it actually wouldn’t require any remixes. Nonetheless, our friends went down to work with great care and passion for detail. Monokle, Nocow, Almunia, Kim Brown, Stimming, Dave DK, Irrelevant and Lake People have contributed to this double vinyl. It’s up to you to choose whom you prefer! Vinyl tastes better…

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