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German producer Erdbeerschnitzel is the next to get the nod for the house focused Delsin series with a new three track EP, ‘Cushion’. The man born Tim Keiling has been forever hard to pin down, with releases that take in techno, disco and deep house on labels like Mirau and 4Lux. This new EP is no different… The title track is a blissful, sunny day affair with raw, loose drums, trilling harmonies and a light fingered percussive touch that simply fills you with joy. Next track ‘Am Bossele’ is a more dense affair with layered samples of voices and off kilter percussion never really settling, instead they prickle and bustle in all directions and make for a lively listen. Final track ‘Crossroads’ is a nine-minute workout that eventually makes way for a fizzing, slowed tempo melange of wiry synthesiser lines and clusters of wooden sounding percussion. The textures are both organic and synthetic and the counter between the two is what stands the track apart. An all important human touch comes from the mired vocal sample and once again proves Erdbeerschnitzel to be someone with a very unique voice.

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