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UPC: 827170495166 Release : 22.07.2013 Special Remarks: Vinyl Exclusive Track/A2 ! / Sleeve/Vinyl-inside/out, artwork! Tracklist : A1 Zone Erogene A2 Intimate Immensity (Vinyl Exclusive) B Pornflake The Swiss techno veteran Quenum sweetens our catalogue number 073. We’re trying not to go like a bull at the gate with it’s cock ring on but yes… this one is about sex. The title track on A1 “Zone Erogene” is a soft voice that salaciously whispers into your ear, while “Pornflake” on B1 will set your hormone bells to ringing. Finally, the cuddling phase of the digital market is definitely over when the leash comes off on “Surealizm". The artist, who has made a name for himself through numerous outstanding releases in the past, is not the only remarkable element of this record. “Upon You” is introducing a new concept: Vinyl only tracks- meaning that the A2 track of our release “Intimate Immensity” will only be available on vinyl.

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