“Everlasting Roots”

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UPC: 827170 5113 6 1 Release : Sept. 02.09.2013 Tracklist : A. Everlasting Roots B1. Îlot Sacré B2. No Glory An ‘Autochthon’ In Greek mythology was a child born directly from the land, without the intervention of any parents. Today the term is used in the fields of Ethnology and Biology defining ‘local’, ‘indigenous’ or simply ‘originary from’… As rough as beautiful, the Autochtone figure invites us to wonder on the sum and substance of life. He offers us an excursion into untouched sanctuaries, dream areas where music and dance recall sudden flashes of primal recollection. Unchained, he teaches us to explore forms, rhythms, balances and shades. From his everlasting roots, we extract the essence to draw our vinyl grooves, developing a playground of audio promenades around the tones of repeated electronic dance gatherings. For this very first release, us Autochtones deliver some cut-up drums with an odd melody, shaping a long 45′er : an edgy overture for igniting the night. On the flip side , a primitive, sparse and hypnotic piece module a combination of an acid bassline with early techno reminiscence pads. Finally, the B2 honours are made out of a dense and industrially rooted roller, including an undertaker voice and some dazzling snare drums, bringing it to the more ‘techy’ cut of the record. But Autochtone is about gatherings, so we will be joined in the path by sons of further corners of this metaphysical land we all call ‘TECHNO’.

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